Niche Down to Raise Profit Up

With so much horse racing these days it has been clear for some time that the punters making the most profit from their betting are those that specialise.

Anthony Phillips is a specialist, he specialises in National Hunt Handicaps and during a recent tipping competition he produced a very healthy 71 points profit all to 1 and 2 point stakes at Betfair SP.

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With National Hunt Racing All Year Round This National Hunt Specialist is the Perfect Addition to Your Betting Portfolio

National Hunt Tips is a Betfair SP service, you don't need virgin bookmaker accounts to match the profits that Anthony makes just a Betfair exchange account.

If you still have access to bookmakers or best odds guaranteed concessions you will make more than the Anthony's official results 

Betfair SP

Everybody can get the price

The official results are your results

I'm sure you've been part of a service which claimed huge profits that you were unable to match. 

Maybe they used stand out prices or assumed Best Odds Guaranteed!

At National Hunt Tips all results are recorded at Betfair SP. If you have bookie accounts or BOG you will beat the recorded results.


National Hunt all year round

You've got to specialise to make a profit

Horse Racing generally used to be two meetings on a weekday four on a Saturday and none on the Sunday.

In those days a punter stood a sporting chance of making a profit.

But those days are gone, if you want to win now you have to specialise.

Anthony found his road to profit by specialising in National Hunt racing and in particular handicaps.


More form, stats and data

Where the profit is to be found

Handicap racing is not only much more enjoyable to watch but there is  much more substance to these types of races with much more form on offer to base an opinion and have a bet on,

More form , stats and data and from that I began as well to pay close attention to not only a horses form, such as  its course form and course and distance form but also their handicap marks as they rise and fall

These key factors tied in with key trainer and jockey stats  is where the profit is to be found .

Profits at Betfair SP

Proofed Results

Anthony  has been betting for his own benefit and profit for many, many years.

But back in October 2021 he entered a tipping competition where his selections were proofed daily to hundreds of members of On Course Profits and he has continued to proof his selections since then.

Here is a summary of the Proofed Results

Strike Rate

Although we are betting value selections we still have a resepectable and steady one in three bets winning.

Regular winners are needed for confidence and Anthony supplies them.

14.2 Points/Month

In the 5 months that Anthony has been proofing selections his profit has averaged just over 14 points per month.

This is typical of what Anthony has made over the years betting his own selections and equals a handy £140/month for £10 bettors.

No of Bets
1 or 2 per Day

Anthony specialises in National Hunt handicaps and only bets when he sees an advantage that pundits and bookmakers have overlooked.

This results in an average of 1.8 bets per day, some days there will be no bets but mostly there will be one or two.

Anthony Phillips

I have been a very keen and passionate follower of Horse Racing since I was at school, my grandad was a racehorse owner in the 50s and 60s and had horses entered in the Oaks and Derby namely Monsoon and Nureddin.

My first race trip was when my uncle took me to Kempton Park races to a jumps meeting when I was 12 and my passion for the sport has grown and grown and stayed with me since then.

My horse racing selections have always been private and for my own profit, but recently I entered a tipping competition and was then head hunted for this tipping service.

My hope is that you enjoy the bets and make a nice long term profit from your membership!

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